Pediatric Eye Exams

Parents often wonder what age their child should see an ophthalmologist. Children are usually seen after birth prior to leaving the hospital. Their next exam eye exam should be prior to starting school unless the parents notice anything unusual or if the child has any complaints.


Eye Exams for Children

Pediatric exams consist of checking the health of your child’s eye to determine if he/she has any vision problems. Common problems that children have are amblyopia or strabismus.


Amblyopia, also known as “lazy eye” occurs when one eye is more dominant causing the other eye to be weaker. This is usually fixed by patching the dominant eye to give the weaker eye a chance to improve its vision.


If you have strabismus, your eyes are misaligned which causes the vision to be blurry. If your child wears glasses, it is important to wear them full time to progress good vision.

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