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Are Red Eyes a Serious Condition?

Red eyes can occur because of an innocuous condition like not enough tear production or from something problematic like glaucoma. Keep reading to learn more about when red eyes are and aren’t the result of a serious condition.

Nov 1st, 2021
Can Floaters Put My Eyesight at Risk?

Floaters in your visual field can be annoying and uncomfortable, but can they put your eyesight at risk? Keep reading to learn when floaters are normal and when they’re not.

Oct 5th, 2021
When Pterygium Surgery Might Be Right for You

If you have a pink, fleshy growth on the white of your eye, it’s probably a pterygium. It’s not dangerous, but you may want to have it removed. Learn when pterygium surgery might be the right choice.

Sep 1st, 2021
The Importance of Eye Exams for Diabetics

Everyone needs regular eye exams to ensure good health, but it’s especially important for people with diabetes. Learn how high sugar levels can affect your eye health and how regular exams can catch problems early.

Aug 5th, 2021
Understanding the Different Causes of Floaters

Floaters are dark spots or shapes that appear in your visual field. Some causes are benign, but others require immediate medical care. Learn about the different causes so you’ll know when to make an appointment with your ophthalmologist.

Jul 19th, 2021
Help for Your Dry Eyes

If you suffer from dry eyes, you know how irritating they can be. Whether your condition comes from too few tears or not enough quality tears, we can provide the help you need.

Jun 15th, 2021
Understanding Floaters and Flashes

Small, drifting specks. Strands of light that flash. If you’ve experienced these in your vision, you’re not alone. Floaters and flashes are common, especially with age. Read on to learn more.

May 17th, 2021