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With a pterygium, your goal for surgery is not only to remove the growth but also to look good afterward. At Omphroy Eye Care, renowned ophthalmologist Luis Omphroy, MD, expertly performs pterygium surgery to restore your eye health while achieving a nice cosmetic result. Dr. Omphroy’s specialized technique also ensures a minimal chance of recurrence. Learn more about this relatively painless way to remove your irritating eye growth by calling the Aiea, Hawaii.

Pterygium Surgery Q & A

What is a pterygium? 

A pterygium is a wing-shaped fleshy growth on the conjunctiva, the tissue layer covering your eyeball. Although a pterygium starts on the white part of your eye, it can grow over your cornea as well. 

A pterygium isn’t usually painful, but it can be uncomfortable. Pterygia can cause red eyes, swelling, itchiness, dry eyes, and burning. It can also cause a foreign body sensation in the affected eye. 

Some pterygia can interfere with your vision, causing blurriness or other issues. Many sufferers also dislike the cosmetic appearance of pterygia.

What causes a pterygium?

In most cases, multiple factors contribute to a pterygium. The most common factors in pterygia development are UV exposure, windy conditions, and dust in the air. The nickname for pterygium is “surfer’s eye” because it’s so common in surfers.

These conditions are all common in hot and dry areas. Many people with pterygium live in areas close to the equator, such as Hawaii. 

What does pterygium surgery involve?

At Omphroy Eye Care, Dr. Omphroy specializes in state-of-the-art surgical pterygium removal. He uses a unique protocol that involves: 

Amniotic membrane transplant

A small section of amniotic membrane replaces the removed tissue and protects the eye as it heals. Amniotic membranes minimize inflammation and scarring, which in turn greatly reduces the risk of pterygium regrowth. 


TISSEEL Glue is a fibrin sealant that Dr. Omphroy uses to prepare the surgical site for the amniotic graft. With the sealant, he can position the graft without sutures. 

Anterior segment reconstruction

During your surgery, Dr. Omphroy skillfully repairs any damage that the pterygium caused. This advanced procedure is relatively painless. It offers a good cosmetic result, with a natural-looking eye. Thanks to Dr. Omphroy’s emphasis on complete pterygium removal and safe eye restoration, the odds of recurrence are minimal. 

How do I protect my eyes following pterygium surgery? 

After pterygium surgery, Dr. Omphroy gives you some recommendations to protect your eyes going forward. Recommendations can include consistently wearing sunglasses, using eye protection in dusty or windy environments, and using artificial tears as needed. 

If you have a pterygium that’s uncomfortable or embarrassing, Omphroy Eye Care offers a state-of-the-art solution with minimal discomfort. Learn more about pterygium surgery by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online today.