Dr. Luis C. Omphroy, MD

Dr. Luis Omphroy grew up in Panama City, Panama where, as the son of a prominent internist, he learned early on the importance of caring for his patients. While Dr. Omphroy is a recognized leader in ophthalmology, his primary interest is taking care of his patients. His clinic is located at Mary Savio Medical Plaza, where he performs exams, minor procedures, and some laser surgery. Most laser surgeries are performed at The Eye Surgery Center of Hawaii. His entire staff is dedicated to provide patients with the best ocular care in a very comfortable environment.

Achieving 20/20 Vision

The co-author of several papers, Dr. Omphroy recently described a new technique for performing cataract surgery through a small pupil. He excels at the latest surgical procedures including no injection, no stitch cataract surgery using the most advanced equipment and intraocular lenses. In performing this procedure, Dr. Omphroy has achieved 20/20 vision for the majority of his patients.

Performing no injection, no stitch pterygium surgery using Tisseel tissue adhesive has been added to his surgical expertise. This innovative approach provides a quicker recovery time as compared to conventional suturing methods with minimal discomfort and no recurrences to date. Dr. Omphroy is at the forefront of his field, using the most advanced surgical equipment and instrumentation to obtain the best possible results for his patients.

As a comprehensive ophthalmologist, Dr. Omphroy takes pride in seeing both children and adults. He also uses state of the art equipment in his office to evaluate and manage ocular manifestations of systemic diseases like diabetes mellitus as well as medical and surgical management of ocular diseases such as glaucoma.

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